How to buy earrings?

Pingtipong jewellery offers you a large choice of earrings. You can browse all our earrings or filter them by material: amber, mother-of-pearl, Fimo silver, ceramic, enamel … You can browse by colour or by style by visiting each designer’s section.

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  • Bijoux artisanaux : Créoles or et nacre verte La Petite Sardine

    Small gold and green mother-of-pearl creoles La Petite Sardine

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  • Bijoux argent rhodié : boucles en argent et cubes en cristal de Swarovski rouge de SPARK

    Small red luxury crystal cubes mounted in earrings : SPARK

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  • Bijoux originaux : boucles coeur en argent et cristal de SPARK

    SPARK 925 Sterling Silver Diamond Heart Earrings

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  • Boucles bonbon blanc SPARK

    SPARK buckles in silver and white Swarovski® candy

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  • Puces coeurs or rose SPARK

    Spark earring heart shape in silver and swarovski rose gold

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  • Bijoux en Swarovski : Boucles puces en argent rhodié et coeur rose de SPARK

    Spark heart earrings in silver and pink swarovski

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  • Petits cubes vitrail SPARK

    Spark jewel in silver and Swarovski crystal, small white cube with “stained glass” reflections.

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  • Original jewelry : White cubic Swarovski crystals earrings from SPARK

    SPARK jewelry- 925 plated-silver with Swarovski® elements cube earrings

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles en argent rhodié et cristaux de Swarovski bleu de SPARK

    SPARK rhodium-plated silver earrings with luxury blue crystals

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles rugiada rose en argent et Swarovski de SPARK

    SPARK silver and Swarovski crystal tassel earrings

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  • Craft Jewelry: 925 brushed silver flower rings from KELIM Design

    Sterling silver “flower” earrings by designer KELIM DESIGN

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles barquette fraise de 50 oneShot

    Strawberry earrings 50 oneShot

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  • Boucles mexican bleu OSTROWSKI

    Swarovski® and silver earrings from “Ostrowski Design” Mexican Mosaic collection

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  • Boucles strass SPARK

    Swarovski® crystal rhinestone pendant earrings by SPARK

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  • Boucles ellipse rose Swarovski SPARK

    Swarovski® crystals and silver “ellipse” pink pendant earrings from SPARK

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  • Bijou original : boucles d'oreilles argent et cristaux bleu de SPARK

    Swarovski® White & Blue earrings in silver and Swarovski® crystals from SPARK

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  • Boucles ambre carré OSTROWSKI

    Take Off collection : silver and amber earrings by OSTROWSKI design

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles TWIST en argent et cristal de Swarovski de OSTROWSKI Design

    TWIST earrings in sterling silver and Swarovski® crystal OSTROWSKI DESIGN

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  • Bijoux nature : Boucles en noix de tagua turquoise de GREEN-AGE

    Vegetable ivory turquoise and silver earrings GREEN AGE

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles en nacre et argent LA PETITE SARDINE

    White and black dyed natural mother-of-pearl sleeper earrings – mother-of-pearl jewellery by La petite Sardine

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  • Boucles rectangles blanc ALLOING

    White ceramic long loops C. ALLOING

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  • Bijoux artisanaux : Boucles perles en cristal nacré de SPARK

    White pearly beads earrings by SPARK

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  • Boucles cubes blanc rosés SPARK

    White swarovski crystal cube earrings with purple reflections and silver 925- SPARK jewelry

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles en argent, bois et nacre La Petite Sardine

    Wood, mother-of-pearl, silver and resin earrings La Petite Sardine

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  • Boucles tiges blanches OSTROWSKI

    X-Play collection : silver and white Swarovski® crystal earrings by OSTROWSKI Design

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A wide variety of designer earrings:

to help you choose your earrings, in the designer section, you can find a wide selection of earrings made in France or Made in Europe.

Offer earrings.

When you want to offer a piece of jewellery it is a good idea to offer earrings. Less personal than a necklace or a bracelet, they are jewels easier to choose for another one. It is the jewel that you change most easily to find the one that will go with your outfit. A feminine and pretty accessory or downright fashionable depending on the day, that’s why even the most original earrings will find their day and the outfit that suits them.

How to find earrings that suit you or him?

For those who are shy, discreet earrings such as Pastacuita’s swarovski crystal earrings are a sure bet. The expansive ones will prefer to play with the warm colours with the spiral earrings, always Pastacuita, which spoil nothing are at a very small price.

At every moment its earring :

For special occasions we recommend the silver earrings by Kelim Design, very elegant, it brings a chic and classy touch to any outfit or the amber and silver marquise earrings by Balticambre. To wear every day, the gourmet jewellery earrings of Miss Bonbon will do the trick while bringing a touch of joie de vivre. The small models of amber and silver earrings are more classic but not to be neglected: these are earrings that can be worn both during the day and in the evening, fine, discreet but always elegant, it is a choice that cannot be mistaken.