Ostrowski Design

Ostrowski Design is a jewellery brand created by a young designer who does not hesitate to think outside the box. His creations mix Baltic silver and amber, Swarovski silver and crystal or silver and acrylic. An ultra-modern design that does not leave you indifferent.

Jacek Ostrowski is a haute couture designer in the field of original jewellery, which we let you discover.


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Jacek Ostrowski

Graduated from Koszalin University of Technology in the field of industrial design and started working in jewellery in 1999. His designer jewellery, which Pingtipong is very proud to present, is known all over the world and has won many international awards. Jacek’s creations are inspired by the surrounding world.

His creations are dominated by the geometry of shapes, they are full of symmetry and rhythm, which ideally form a whole. He is fascinated by the simplicity of form. He creates modern and avant-garde jewellery for women who like to attract attention with extravagance and elegance.