Discover a selection of the most beautiful silver jewellery from the CANYON brand, it perfectly complements the silver jewellery collections of our other designers. CANYON is a brand of French jewellery creators made in France and Italy specialising in modern and very fine jewellery.

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles 3 créoles en argent de CANYON

    3 strands hammered silver hoop earrings 925 rhodium by CANYON

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  • Bijoux artisanaux : Boucles d'oreilles argent CANYON

    925 silver pendant earrings “snakes” by CANYON

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  • Bijoux artisanaux : Boucles "sucettes" en argent rhodié CANYON

    925 Sterling Silver CANYON Pendant Earrings

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles créoles en argent et pierres naturelles de CANYON

    925 Sterling Silver Earrings with CANYON Natural Stone Pendants

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  • Bracelet argent multibrins CANYON

    CANYON 925 silver multi strands bracelet

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  • Boucles feuilles CANYON

    CANYON 925 Sterling Silver “Leaves” Earrings

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  • Boucles en quarts rose et argent CANYON

    CANYON earrings in silver and pink quartz

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  • Bijou original : Bracelet en argent massif coeur de CANYON

    Chubby heart bracelet on 925 silver chain by CANYON

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  • Bijoux originaux : boulces en argent rhodié et médaillon de nacre de CANYON

    Earrings “mother-of-pearl medallion” and rhodium-plated silver signed CANYON

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  • Bijoux originaux : boucles d'oreilles puces CANYON

    Earrings chips in sterling silver 925 of the designer CANYON

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  • BIjoux en argent rhodié : Boucles créoles en argent rhodié martelé de CANYON

    Hammered sterling silver CANYON hoop earrings

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  • Collier multibrins 1986

    Necklace CANYON in silver and rhodium plated

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles CANYON en argent rhodié et quartz blanc

    Rhodium silver and white quartz earrings from CANYON

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  • Bijou original : Collier coeur en argent de CANYON

    Rhodium-plated 925 silver choker with a small chubby heart from CANYON

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  • Rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver hoop earrings by CANYON

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  • Bague artisanale : anneau argent de CANYON

    Ring in rhodium-plated 925 silver with small silver beads on a blackened CANYON background

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  • Bijou original : Bague argent et turquoise de CANYON

    Silver ring 925 and natural turquoise of CANYON

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  • Bijoux argent massif : Boucles oxydes diamant de CANYON

    Small earrings in silver 925 rhodium and white oxides of CANYON

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The French company Bijoux CANYON was founded in 1982 by a couple with a passion for both stones and fashion. Since 2008, their son has been perpetuating the family adventure while keeping the same concern for quality and creativity.Des Creators jewellery dans le vent : les bijoux CANYON are mainly made of 925 silver in a pure style with soft and sensual shapes : "our objective is to underline the natural elegance of women, to reveal their femininity, to magnify their beauty".