Jewellery in amber and sterling silver

Pingtipong offers you a selection of amber and 925 silver jewellery from the European brand “Balticambre”. A Balticambre amber jewel combines originality, finesse and modernity. We are happy to propose them to you at the best prices:

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  • Bague spiralée Balticambre en argent

    925 silver spiral ring with cognac amber bead – BALTICAMBRE

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  • Pendentif coeur en ambre cognac de BALTICAMBRE-0

    Amber heart pendant cognac from BALTICAMBRE

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  • Pendentif soleil de Balticambre en argent massif et ambre cognac-0

    Balticamber sun pendant in sterling silver and amber cognac

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  • Bracelet Balticambre perles hawaii en Ambre 4 couleurs et argent-0

    Bracelet Balticambre Hawaii beads in Amber 4 colors and silver

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  • Bracelet Balticambre lacette Ambre cognac et argent-0

    Bracelet Balticambre lace amber cognac and silver

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  • Bracelet Balticambre petites perles de 4 couleurs d'Ambre et argent-0

    Bracelet Balticambre small beads of 4 colors of Amber and silver

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  • Bracelet en pavés d'ambre et perles en argent de Balticambre-0

    Bracelet in amber pavé and silver beads from Balticambre

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  • Boucles d'oreilles Balticambre fée clochette en argent tenant une perle d'ambre en dormeuses Balticambre-0

    Earrings Balticamber silver fairy bell holding an amber pearl Balticamber sleeper earrings

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  • Bijou original : Pendentif en argent 925 et ambre cognac de BALTICAMBRE

    Pendant Balticamber amber pearl on silver spiral.

    26,00 22,10
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  • Pendentif Balticambre coeur en argent et ambre orange-0

    Pendant Balticamber silver heart with orange amber

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  • Bijou original : Pendentif fee clochette en argent et ambre

    Pendant fairy bell amber and silver 925 BALTICAMBER

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  • Bague fleur 4 ambre

    Ring amber Flower with 4 petals green, yellow, orange and black BALTICAMBER

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Where does amber come from?

Amber is harvested almost exclusively from the Baltic Sea in a region bordering Russia and Poland. Amber has been a highly prized material in jewellery since ancient times, but its value has risen sharply in recent years due to increased global demand. The Balticambre jewellery is all produced in this region of Poland, it is made from 925 silver and amber. Very fine, very chic, the delicacy of the design and execution makes them very current and allows amber to regain a modernity and elegance that we thought it had lost. Finally very current designer jewellery in Balticambre amber are very chic jewels that will go very well with an evening dress while remaining discreet enough to be worn every day. They are jewels for women, the delicacy of silver combined with the warmth of amber gives them a perfect balance for these very feminine jewels. Amber jewellery: a wonder of nature?

The Balticambre jewels are all made of amber.

Whether it is an amber necklace, an amber bracelet or an amber ring, amber is believed to have medicinal and therapeutic properties. For babies, teenagers and adults, amber jewellery is said to have calming properties and is beneficial for skin problems. What color is amber? Amber is the result of an incredible coincidence, the alliance of the fragility of nature and the surge of the elements to produce after several million years this warm material gorged with sunlight that illuminates our jewellery. We don’t always know it but amber exists in different colors and not only in the “amber” cognac orange color. So there are jewels in green amber, jewels in white amber and jewels in yellow amber or simply jewels in mixed amber colors as you will find many in the collection Balticambre. The strength of amber is such that it is more delicate when combined with solid silver. In this case the cold side of the silver jewellery melts with the warm side of the amber jewellery to give the right balance, a harmonious and elegant piece of jewellery. It is in this form that amber jewellery is returning to the fine, elegant fashion, it has lost none of the power of attraction it had in past centuries.