Amber jewelry

Amber and silver jewellery Can you change your mind about the amber jewelry? The answer is in these pages. Pingtipong costume jewellery is dedicated to make you discover original jewellery, fine, current and elegant, which is not based on preconceived ideas. Noble materials: amber and silver can bring a refined touch to all your outfits.

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  • Bague spiralée Balticambre en argent

    925 silver spiral ring with cognac amber bead – BALTICAMBRE

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  • Bijoux en ambre : collier papillon de Ostrowski Design

    Amber and silver jewelry – Necklace Butterfly Ostrowski Design

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  • Pendentif coeur en ambre cognac de BALTICAMBRE-0

    Amber heart pendant cognac from BALTICAMBRE

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  • Pendentif soleil de Balticambre en argent massif et ambre cognac-0

    Balticamber sun pendant in sterling silver and amber cognac

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  • Bracelet Balticambre perles hawaii en Ambre 4 couleurs et argent-0

    Bracelet Balticambre Hawaii beads in Amber 4 colors and silver

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  • Bracelet Balticambre lacette Ambre cognac et argent-0

    Bracelet Balticambre lace amber cognac and silver

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  • Bracelet Balticambre petites perles de 4 couleurs d'Ambre et argent-0

    Bracelet Balticambre small beads of 4 colors of Amber and silver

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  • Bracelet en pavés d'ambre et perles en argent de Balticambre-0

    Bracelet in amber pavé and silver beads from Balticambre

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  • Bague papillon ambre Ostrowski

    Collection Butterfly: adjustable ring in cognac amber and solid silver by Ostrowski Design

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  • Collier FLOWER OSTROWSKI Design

    Collection FLOWER : necklace in solid silver and amber paved OSTROWSKI Design

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  • Collier carre ambre OSTROWSKI

    Collection Take Off : silver and amber necklace OSTROWSKI Design

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  • Boucles d'oreilles Balticambre fée clochette en argent tenant une perle d'ambre en dormeuses Balticambre-0

    Earrings Balticamber silver fairy bell holding an amber pearl Balticamber sleeper earrings

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  • Boucles papillon en ambre OSTROWSKI

    Ostrowski Design – BUTTERFLY earrings in amber and silver

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  • Bijou original : Pendentif en argent 925 et ambre cognac de BALTICAMBRE

    Pendant Balticamber amber pearl on silver spiral.

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  • Pendentif Balticambre coeur en argent et ambre orange-0

    Pendant Balticamber silver heart with orange amber

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  • Bijou original : Pendentif fee clochette en argent et ambre

    Pendant fairy bell amber and silver 925 BALTICAMBER

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  • Bague fleur 4 ambre

    Ring amber Flower with 4 petals green, yellow, orange and black BALTICAMBER

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  • Boucles ambre carré OSTROWSKI

    Take Off collection : silver and amber earrings by OSTROWSKI design

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Find information on amber and amber jewelry through articles published on our blog "Does amber have hidden powers?" mbre/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Does amber have hidden powers? A small tour of the hidden properties attributed to amber in relation to health or well-being. Amber has been attributed medical or magical properties since ancient times, even today amber is known for its calming properties during teething. Find some of these beliefs and their history in this article.There are creators who think outside the box. If when one is born next to the largest amber collecting place in the world and wants to create jewellery it is natural to create amber jewellery, not everyone creates the same jewellery. Thus through this article Tadeusz Dobkowski: Amber jewellery out of the ordinary  you will discover how this artist brings out the beauty of the raw material or associates it with his natural ally: wood to make his jewellery. We either love or hate, but it's hard to remain indifferent to Tadeusz Dobkowski's jewels.In your opinion, is amber of mineral or vegetable origin? Through this article on the scientific and historical origin of amber, you will discover that only a miracle of nature has been able to protect and shape for millions of years this fragile material. Amber, precious and rare material for jewellery, history and origin.  Miss Amber: The (not so) secret life (that) precious materials: A funny presentation of amber. 

Amber and silver: above all noble materials for a jewel.

 Matières précieuses et semi-précieuses, l'ambre apporte à l'argent la chaleur qui lui fait défaut. With their orange ochre color, close to the colors of honey, the necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in amber and silver can be combined almost with any outfit. Contrary to some preconceived ideas, amber is not a stone but an organic material found in regions close to the Baltic Sea. More precisely it is composed of agatite, bakelite and carbolite.With an everyday outfit, they bring refinement and will also be in perfect harmony with a beautiful evening outfit.The real strength of amber is when light passes through it giving warm reflections. In orange, amber has the reassuring aspect of a warm cocoon. If the cognac-coloured amber is the best known, we even go so far as to call the colour "amber colour", green amber, yellow amber or white amber are also very interesting. We also offer you multicoloured jewellery with several qualities of amber.Amber necklaceAmber BraceletsAmber earringsAmber and silver broochesAmber baby necklace  

Cheap amber and silver jewelry?

 Yes, it is paradoxical, but as they have become finer, more elegant and incredibly modern, the Baltic amber and silver jewels have also become cheaper jewelsthanks to their finesse and lightness. This is what allows pingtipong to offer you jewels at very low prices with first prices at less than 15 €.However, the price of amber is constantly rising and has quadrupled in recent years. Indeed, Asians discovered amber and its virtues and they love it. That's why buying a piece of amber jewelry is also buying a sure thing that won't lose its value.lose its value.