Bracelets Shamballa

The Shamballa is a bracelet worn by many celebrities such as rappers P. Diddy, Lill Wayne, the singer Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton and Karl Lagerfeld.  It is the essential accessory of the moment.

Originally from Tibet, it is said to have the power to promote your well-being. Shamballa means "place of peaceful happiness". According to the Tibetans, by wearing a Shamballa bracelet, you increase the possibility that your body and mind will remember what is essential.

Discover our range of this nice little bracelet.

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  • Bijou original : Shamballa strass bleu PINGTIPONG

    Blue and grey beads shamballa bracelet

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  • Shamballa : perles en strass noir et anthracite de Pingtipong

    Shamballa anthracite and black rhinestones

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  • Shamballa strass blanc et rouge

    Shamballa colored red and silver

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