Orange jewellery

Treat yourself to orange jewellery

Orange is the trendy colour of the moment, orange jewellery is very fashionable. Pingtipong jewellery enables you to find here a whole collection of orange jewellery and costume jewellery.the colour  Orange is invigorating and pungent like the fruit it comes from.  It is also a sign of good humour, creativity and communication that conveys optimism and open-mindedness. 

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  • Bijoux originaux : collier et boucles LA PETITE SARDINE et PASTACUITA

    “Orange” set : Leather and mother-of-pearl petals necklace La Petite Sardine and silver and Fimo earrings PASTACUITA

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  • bIJOU ORIGINAL : Collier coeur XXL en cristal de SPARK

    3 strands necklace and large heart pendant in copper color crystal from SPARK Silver jewelry

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  • Bague ambre OSTROWSKI

    Adjustable butterfly ring in amber cognac and solid silver from Ostrowski Design

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  • Pendentif coeur en ambre cognac de BALTICAMBRE-0

    Amber heart pendant cognac from BALTICAMBRE

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  • Collier triple carré artisanal en céramique émaillée orange-0

    Artisanal triple square necklace in orange enamelled ceramics

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  • Pendentif soleil de Balticambre en argent massif et ambre cognac-0

    Balticamber sun pendant in sterling silver and amber cognac

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles bouquet en argent, perles et Swarovski de SPARK

    Bouquets” sleeper earrings in silver and crystal by SPARK

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  • Bracelet Balticambre perles hawaii en Ambre 4 couleurs et argent-0

    Bracelet Balticambre Hawaii beads in Amber 4 colors and silver

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  • Bracelet Balticambre lacette Ambre cognac et argent-0

    Bracelet Balticambre lace amber cognac and silver

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  • Bracelet Balticambre petites perles de 4 couleurs d'Ambre et argent-0

    Bracelet Balticambre small beads of 4 colors of Amber and silver

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  • Bracelet brésilien flèche argent femme et homme jaune ocre - L'AVARE bijoux-0

    Bracelet Brazilian arrow silver woman and man yellow ochre – L’AVARE bijoux

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  • Bracelet en pavés d'ambre et perles en argent de Balticambre-0

    Bracelet in amber pavé and silver beads from Balticambre

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  • bracelet en argent et Swarovski sur le thème de l'espace de Ostrowski design

    Bracelet in silver and swarovski “Space” collection by Ostrowski Design

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  • bracelet GLOW en argent et Swarovski de Ostrowski Design

    Bracelet original GLOW, swarovski and silver jewelry, from the brand Ostrowski Design

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles en argent et cristaux de Swarovski de SPARK

    Champagne tears in Swarovski® crystal on SPARK silver chain

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  • Bijou gourmand : bague choco en fimo de Pingtipong

    Chocolate cake ring Miss BONBON

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  • Boucles d'oreilles Balticambre fée clochette en argent tenant une perle d'ambre en dormeuses Balticambre-0

    Earrings Balticamber silver fairy bell holding an amber pearl Balticamber sleeper earrings

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  • Bijoux artisanaux : boucles en arget et nacre gravée orange de La Petite Sardine

    Earrings from the “CORAIL” collection in mother-of-pearl coral engraved LA PETITE SARDINE

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles en noix de tagua orange brillant de GREENAGE

    Earrings in bright orange tagua GREEN AGE

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles trapèze argent et fimo orange de PASTACUITA

    Earrings PASTACUITA trapezium orange

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  • Boucles fantaisie en pâte fimo en forme de sushi

    Fluorescent salmon sushi earrings

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  • Bracelet tibétain de Olivier Lafond

    Genuine multicolored Brazilian bracelet

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  • Boucles d'oreilles GLOW de Ostrowski Design en argent massif et cristal de Swarovski

    GLOW” Ostrowski Design silver and Swarovski® crystal earrings by Ostrowski Design

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  • Collier écologique Green Age Zèbre en tagua orange et coton-0

    Green Age Zebra ecological necklace in orange tagua and cotton

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A colour linked to history and life

The Orange colour owes its name to the fruit of the orange tree which bears this colour so characteristically. The town of Orange owes its name to the fruit trade. The name Orange is such a symbol that it has been given to many other cities around the world. It is therefore normal that many orange jewels are directly inspired by the fruit.


Orange jewellery: difficult to obtain

It is obtained in antiquity by mixing pigments of reaglar of orpiment however it is a colour that is difficult to produce before the 19th century. It is therefore very rare for jewellery with a brand exception for amber orange cognac jewellery.

Amber jewelry 


Orange is as much a symbol as it is a colour.

It is also a symbolic colour for the Buddhist religion and even the name of a revolution. Today's companies and software borrow its name from it like a well-known telephone company from which one wonders what it has to do with the colour and the original fruit. One would almost forget that it is also the colour of the apricot, tangerine and carrot. Moreover "La Petite Sardine" has made a range dedicated to the tangerine.


Orange jewellery: festive, flamboyant,

Orange is a very recognizable colour, it is very bright and warm. The Orange is the fruit that seems to have inherited directly from the energy and warmth of the sun. That's why orange jewellery is so popular. To buy and wear orange jewellery is to show others that you are full of life, that you have energy to spare and are resolutely optimistic. An orange jewel is flamboyant, it can even be provocative and evoke temptation. If the Chinese sweet orange had been known at that time, who knows if the forbidden fruit would not have become an orange? Offering orange jewellery is also offering a share of energy.


Which outfit to wear with an orange jewel?

Orange goes very well with the neutral colours white, black and grey. As these are very common clothing colours, an Orange jewel will bring a touch of life and energy to the outfit and can be worn often or even every day. Orange also goes very well with brown and yellow its closest colours but be careful not to push the showy side too far unless it is chosen precisely. Les bijoux orange font un bon contraste avec le bleu, comme pour tous les contrastes il faut essayer pour voir si les teintes choisies vont bien ensemble.