Turquoise jewellery

Turquoise blue is a cheerful colour that symbolises communication and imagination.

Turquoise is a blue that inspires calm and purity. It goes very well with brown. Discover now the blue costume jewellery that Pingtipong has selected for you: necklaces, pendants, bracelets, ...

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles turquoise naturelle SPARK

    925 Sterling Silver and Turquoise “Nature” Earrings by SPARK

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  • Bijoux originaux : ellipse en Swarovski® sur chaînette en argent rhodié de SPARK

    Blue Swarovski crystal and silver chains earrings

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  • Bijou original : Bracelet en pierres naturelles turquoises PINGTIPONG

    Bracelet turquoise stones and charms

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  • Bracelet brésilien flèche argent homme et femme bleu turquoise - L'AVARE bijoux-0

    Brazilian bracelet silver arrow man and woman turquoise blue – L’AVARE bijoux

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  • Bijou original : Bracelet tagua bleu GREENAGE

    Fair Trade Jewelry – Shiny bracelet in turquoise blue tagua nuts – Green-Age

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  • Original jewel: Mother-of-pearl and gold-plated necklace from La Petite Sardine

    LA PETITE SARDINE necklace in gold and mother-of-pearl

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  • Bijou nature : Sautoir en peau d'orange et tagua GREENAGE

    Long necklace Green Age Calade in orange peel mix of colours

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  • Bijou original : Bague argent et Swarovski de OSTROWSKI Design

    Original adjustable ring in silver and Swarovski® crystal “Galaxie” from OSTROWSKI Design

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  • Bijou original : Collier tagua bleu GREENAGE

    Original Green-Age ecological necklace in turquoise tagua

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