Original adjustable GLOW ring in silver and Swarovski crystal from Ostrowski Design


Original swarovski and silver ring

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swarovski crital color range for Ostrowski Design's Glow Jewelry

A crazy but not the craziest creation by Ostrowski Design. Very amazing to wear, the silver sculpture goes down on your finger or up if you prefer to embellish your hand like never before.

Very modern and original, this creation by Ostrowski Design is harmonious, the ring is adjustable in 925 solid silver and swarovski crystal from the "GLOW" range.
These original jewels are proposed in 7 colors of Swarovski crystal, the models in photos are silver and copper color.

The colors of Swarovski crystal:

  • Copper orange.
    • Clear Topaz Yellow
    • Aquamarine Blue
    • Peridot Green
    • Blue Violet Tanzanite
    • Aurora Boreal White (reflections)
  • Black

Ostrowiski Design has translated femininity with this original adjustable "Glow" ring forged in solid silver. A precious metal synonymous with mystery, because a woman is a being full of secrets. She has a thousand faces; sometimes dark, sometimes filled with light.

This jewel is not just an ornament, it is a masterpiece put on the finger of the woman. The two branches look so fragile but they support three other branches surmounted by a Swarovski crystal. This structure represents both feminine delicacy and strength at the same time. An unsuspected strength that can accomplish great things, an energy that resists the weight of life. The spherically shaped crystal with facets crowns this grace that it releases.

The stone can be copper orange like a setting sun on the horizon, letting its glow cover the ocean. A stone that reveals the end of a day, to give way to the softness of the evening caressing his fingers. The brightness of the light topaz yellow, gives a glimpse of his joie de vivre. The woman has a treasure, a richness that she shares every day, it is her gentleness. His lucidity is reflected in the acqua-marine blue crystal like the blue of the sky embracing that of the ocean, an imperturbable union. This being is wisdom incarnate, mother of all weight. The peridot green represents her hope, or rather the hope that should be placed in her, because one day she will change the world. Despite her joy, her smile, the woman hides a part of herself. A part full of sadness and silent melancholy that translates into the violet Tanzanite. The White Aurora Borealis has all its facets that are revealed under the light. Her joy, intelligence and sorrow in one stone. The Black Jet symbolizes at the same time its elegance and boldness.

The original adjustable "Glow" ring is femininity par excellence. Wearing it asserts one's personality and character.

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