Red jewellery

Offer a ruby red jewel.

Here you can find a wide selection of red jewellery and costume jewellery. A fascinating colour, red jewellery is synonymous with passionate feelings: love, sensuality, anger, sexuality, courage, danger, ardour... Whether it is your favourite colour or to show passionate feelings, a red is a jewellery colour that goes well with many other colours.  Pingtipong offers you a list of red handmade costume jewellery, of quality and at negotiated prices.

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  • Bijou original : Bracelet silicone et coeur en cristal de Swarosvki de SPARK

    Black silicone bracelet and Swarovski crystal red ruby heart shape SPARK

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  • Bijou nature : Sautoir tagua rouge GREENAGE

    Blood red tagua nut necklace GREEN AGE

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  • Bracelet rouge 3rgs SPARK

    Bracelet alcantara® red 3 rows Swarovski® red crystals from Spark

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  • Bracelet Spark alcantara et cristal de Swarovski rouge®-0

    Bracelet Spark alcantara and red Swarovski® crystal

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  • Bracelet brésilien rouge

    Brazilian bracelet man and woman red pink brown blue – L’AVARE bijoux

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  • Brésilien rose flèche L'avare

    Brazilian bracelet silver man and woman red pink brown blue – L’AVARE bijoux

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  • Bracelet tissu et cabochon en céramique

    Ceramic pellet bracelet and printed fabric C. ALLOING

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  • Pendentif coeur rouge SPARK

    Deep red heart pendant in silver and Swarovski crystal – SPARK jewellery

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  • Dormeuses, créatrice "La Petite Sardine" en Nacre rouge-0

    Designer “La Petite Sardine” in red Mother-of-Pearl

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  • Bijoux fantaisie : Boucles olives colorées de 50 oneShot

    Earrings “eggs” varnished and silver

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles d'oreilles coeurs en argent et cristaux de SPARK

    Earrings in silver 925 rhodium 2 hearts of SPARK

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  • Boucles fantaisie fleur orange de Pingtipong

    Fancy earrings FLEUR in mother-of-pearl, resin and orange metal

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  • Bijou nature : Sautoir en peau d'orange et tagua GREENAGE

    Long necklace Green Age Calade in orange peel mix of colours

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  • Bijou nature : Sautoir lie de vin tagua GREENAGE

    Long necklace made of tagua nuts “medal” colour wine lees

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  • Bijou original : Sautoir nacre orange La Petite Sardine

    Mother-of-pearl orange and cherry red petals necklace La petite Sardine – Made in France

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  • Bijou original : Collier fantaisie en résine

    Multicolored necklace “strawberries”

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  • Bijoux originaux : Boucles ovales rouge en nacre LA PETITE SARDINE

    Orange and cherry sleeper earrings – mother-of-pearl and silver jewelry La petite Sardine – Made in France

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  • Boucles en peau d'orange GREEN AGE

    Orange peel and Tagua nut earrings GREEN AGE

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  • Bijou nature : Collier bordeau tagua GREENAGE

    Original fair trade necklace Conche in red tagua

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  • Bijou nature : Collier en tagua rose GREENAGE

    Original Green-Age nature necklace in fuchsia pink tagua

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  • collier en argent extraordinaire de ostrowski Design

    Original silver necklace from OSTROWSKI Design “éclatante passion” collection made of Swarovski® crystal.

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  • Bijoux artisanaux : boucles puces en résine de PASTACUITA

    Purple square spiral Pastacuita earrings

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  • Bague ronde de créatrice en céramique émaillée rouge Christine Alloing-0

    Red enamelled ceramic designer round ring Christine Alloing

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  • Bijou en argent : Bracelet lacette plume rouge en argent rhodié de L'avare

    Red feather jewelry – Silver bracelet woman – L’AVARE bijoux

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Buy a red jewel: love and energy

Red is a primary colour, it is a warm colour like yellow or orange. It is a bright colour that shows your energy, synonymous with passion, temptation and divine love. It is also one of the components of the flame and a symbol of danger. A red jewel can also show vitality, vigour or fighting instinct. Warm and evocative of passion, it is also the colour of the chilli pepper, symbol of desire.  

Red fruits: jewels of the fruit trees

Red and jewellery are also inspired by nature, it is the colour of the fruits of many trees which are often a source of inspiration for jewellery designers. Jewels in the shape of blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, redcurrant, cranberry, morello cherry, pomegranate or watermelon.  

Red flowers, eternal sources of inspiration.

The red rose is the symbol of lovers, it is what you offer to prove your love. Red flowers like the emblematic red roses but also peonies or poppies, these flowers have such a natural and delicate beauty. They are vast sources of inspiration for jewellery designers.


What colour should I wear a red jewel?

Red is a sociable and easy-going colour, it goes well with many outfits or with your eyes. That's why it's a colour that doesn't need to be fashionable, it always will be. You can wear a red jewel with yellow or orange sometimes in monochrome in a single jewel moreover, a red jewel will go very well with a brown jumper and blue jeans for example. Of course it goes very well with black, in this case avoid adding other colours to red and black, purple goes well with red as well.
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